Beacon Interim Management Ltd (Principal Office), 4th Floor, Clayton House, 59 Piccadilly Manchester M1 2AQ. Reg No: 5860680

An approved supplier to the Government Procurement Service (GPS), the national procurement partner to the UK Public Sector

and an approved supplier of Interim Managers through the North West Collaborative Procurement Hub (NWCPH).

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Within Beacon we have a professional Umbrella Service Company operating in full compliance to the requirements of HMRC.

Our service is straight forward in that we provide an Umbrella Company Service which removes the administrative burden for freelance contractors who fall within the scope of  IR35.

IR35 safe

As a professional business grounded and experienced in the independent contractor sector we know the importance of avoiding so called ‘pay enhancing’ treatments such as salary sacrifice expenses or loan agreements .

We only deal with fully HMRC compliant PAYE for our contractors, avoiding the financial risk associated with non compliance .

Value for contractors

Our fixed fee rates from just £6.55 per week after tax, first month free on joining and no entry or exit fees.

When contractors are between assignments there is nothing to pay, our fee is only applicable to the time that they are active on an assignment creating a flexible and affordable contracting solution.

Benefit for agencies

With our umbrella company service clients enjoy a fully compliant PAYE service for their contractors with absolutely no on costs.

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Further information about our Umbrella Company Services can be found on our Umbrella ervices website or alternatively please do contact us directly.

Umbrella Company PAYE