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An approved supplier to the Government Procurement Service (GPS), the national procurement partner to the UK Public Sector

and an approved supplier of Interim Managers through the North West Collaborative Procurement Hub (NWCPH).

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Interim Management

Our Interim Management provision is based on a portfolio of over 1400 pre-selected, highly skilled and experienced Interim Management professionals, readily available to support assignments across the UK and Europe. 

These are highly experienced professionals, each having a demonstrable track record of successful project delivery within their field of expertise. 

We have the deep business experience needed to understand the detail of each specific assignment, developing bespoke business solutions for our clients.

Above all we not only share the journey we take responsibility of the key elements required for the successful outcome of an assignment.

Our Process

Our start point for every assignment is to ensure that we establish a comprehensive project brief for our clients with anticipated outcomes clearly stated.

We select, interview and rank prospective candidates from our portfolio who are able to a demonstrate a successful track record of project delivery relevant to the brief.

Within ten working days of brief we aim to present our clients with two prospective candidates, each being suitably over qualified and experienced to deliver the project at hand. Importantly we place great emphasis to ensure that candidates are a suitable cultural fit for your organisation.

Once a candidate is selected we establish back to back contracts with the client and our interim manager.

Regular project reviews are a key part of our governance to ensure that key outcomes are achieved within anticipated timescale's.

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If you would like further information about Beacon Interim Management services, please contact us at our Manchester office on 0161 406 3064.

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