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The following is an extract from information published by the Institute of Interim Management (IIM) on how to benchmark the value and price of a professional interim manager.

How to calculate a potential day rate

To calculate a likely day rate cost then as a starting point, calculate 0.75% - 0.82% of the base salary that you consider to be the equivalent salary for the seniority that you are looking for.

For example for a senior position with a base salary of £80,000 then the interim day rate range would be £600 - £655.

Interim Manager day rate fees will vary dependent on;

Comparison with Equivalent Salaried Position

The following example shows the true cost of an £80,000 base salary senior employee to a company.

Assuming 220 working days based on 260 less 25 holidays, 8 bank holidays, 7 sick days;

Interim Manager Value Proposition

When businesses consider hiring an interim manager they occasionally look to pro-rata the the cost of an equivalent permanent employee as the basis to calculate day rate. This approach works fine when clients are looking to hire an “agency temp”, however interim managers are individuals at the top of their game, they bring vast experience and expertise to a client with a value proposition delivering;

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